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Our mission to protect, secure & maintain your vacant properties against squatters, by placing people to live in them.

Vacant Property Owners – How It Works

Have A Vacant Property?

Do you have a vacant property, waiting for planning permission, construction or just can't fill it?

You Probably Know The Risks

Vacant properties are at significant risk of intruders, fly tippers and damage which can result in expensive restoration work. Burst pipes and pest infestation can also go unnoticed causing further expense.

Our Solution

Vacant Property Management provides an affordable way to keep your property safe, secure and maintained to a high standard, by placing live-in guardians to protect and maintain your property.

Vacant Property Guardians

Our Property Guardians are working professionals who protect a vacant property by occupying a shared living space under a non-exclusive licence agreement.

Bespoke Property Guardian Solutions

Vacant Property Management is the UK leader in empty property protection, providing both substantial savings and peace of mind to landlords. Whilst also offering affordable living to key workers and young professionals in various locations.

Become A Guardian

Become A Guardian

Find affordable Guardian living spaces available and join the thousands of professionals and key workers who have chosen Vacant Property Management as a cheaper, more social alternative to private rental.

You Benefit

Live in a great location while saving money. Our Guardians are given a room within a property at a great price, and often in a fantastic location.

Who Can Be A Guardian

We are always looking for new guardians who are fully employed. We have housed a variety of working professionals including doctors, teachers, cleaners, magazine editors, librarians, support workers, engineers, midwives, and nurses.

Securing The Property

By simply living there you are securing the property for the landlord. You benefit from flexible and low-cost housing and the owner knows their property is cared for and lived in.

Working to live?
Or living to work?

Make the most of living, whether you’re looking to save up for a mortgage or want to explore, tenant guardianship can be really beneficial for you

What you need to qualify to become a guardian
  • Guardians must be over the age of 21

  • You must be full time employed and be able to show full income

  • We only accept socially responsible and reliable individuals who will take good care of our properties

Vacant Property? or Guardian?

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